I run HyperActive Software, a software development company that creates quality custom solutions using RunRev's LiveCode. I provide complete development services from concept to implementation, and specialize in HyperCard to LiveCode conversions to bring your old HC stacks into a modern OS on Windows, Mac, and Linux. HyperActive Software has created many commercial software products for clients.

I work hard at what I do and have a long list of happy customers who span the globe. For a full description of the programming services I offer, please see the HyperActive Software web site.

References available.


Code Bits

  • On-Rev CGI example: A rotating image display that uses very little code, thanks to iRev scripting. Gives you a look at my own garden flowers too.

  • CGIs in irev pages. Combine old-style Rev CGIs with on-rev scripts.


  • MadLibs Make a crazy story. You never know what you'll get. Madlibs is an experiment using posted data within an iRev script.

Jacque’s pen

The birds