Blocks is headed toward being an iApp eventually. For now it's a revlet instead. As a work in (intermittent) progress, some of the interface is not yet iApp compliant. But the game works.

A word of warning: don't start unless you have a lot of free time.

The goal is to remove all the blocks. Clicking on any two or more adjacent blocks of the same color removes them from the grid, which collapses to fill the hole. The wildcard that pops up periodically matches any color it is next to.

The gear at the bottom right lets you set different options and has some brief instructions. The default setting is very easy, and once you get the hang of things you will probably want to change that. Any other color selections will be much more difficult to win.

The icon at the lower left starts a new game. Or just right-click on the playing field. When the score at the bottom turns red, the wildcard will no longer appear, though you can continue if any moves are still possible.

Please remember to stop occasionally to eat and sleep.


Code Bits

  • On-Rev CGI example: A rotating image display that uses very little code, thanks to iRev scripting. Gives you a look at my own garden flowers too.

  • CGIs in irev pages. Combine old-style Rev CGIs with on-rev scripts.


  • MadLibs Make a crazy story. You never know what you'll get. Madlibs is an experiment using posted data within an iRev script.

Jacque’s pen

The birds