The Birds

Paladin, Sierra, Casey...


Casey, Sun Conure
Winter 2000

Casey with CheezIt
Summer 2001      The CheezIt spokesman

Sierra, Timneh African Grey
Winter 2001

Fall 2001

Paladin, Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel
Spring 2001

Pippin, Canary
Spring 2007

Harley, African Grey
April, 2020

Piper, Spanish Warbler Canary
November, 2020

The birds have inspired some software you can download. We also had fish for a's my take on krill.


Code Bits

  • On-Rev CGI example: A rotating image display that uses very little code, thanks to iRev scripting. Gives you a look at my own garden flowers too.

  • CGIs in irev pages. Combine old-style Rev CGIs with on-rev scripts.


  • MadLibs Make a crazy story. You never know what you'll get. Madlibs is an experiment using posted data within an iRev script.

Jacque’s pen

The birds