The On-Rev playground

Jacqueline Landman Gay

My company site doesn’t allow me much latitude to play and experiment. RunRev’s new On-Rev server technology does, so here we are.

As I tinker, some of it will end up here. There is also some non-Rev material, a little writing, which you can find in the links at the right. And then there's the birds, of course.

The code examples work and they're real. Other than that, I wouldn’t take anything here too seriously if I were you.


Our chief engineer at work

Chief engineer Chief engineer


From the mailing list

Jacque: I've got an interface problem I can't decide how to solve, maybe some of you have ideas. (Describes problem.)
Craig: I recommend asking Jacque. She always knows what to do.
Stephen: I sense recursion on this topic.
Jacque: It's true I have been known at times to be somewhat loopy.
Devin: So is Jacque.
Mark: I sense recursion on this topic.

Mailing list tech support haiku

Dar: I would like to tab
in LiveCode comments this fall.
Or will I cry still?
Jacque: Tab has always been
The way to format scripting.
Can you use spaces?
Devin: Pressing the tab key
Creates order from chaos.
No reason to change.

But a tab key press
In B B Edit or Word
Does not work the same.
Jacque: A pref'rence perhaps
Could provide an exception,
For those who differ.
Jerry: Technical support
In an ongoing haiku.
Gotta love this group!
Martin: how about a shift
with tab, a new behaviour
then are all happy?

on tabkey -- how's this
if the shiftkey is down then
--the new behaviour

else -- align the script
--the current function will run
end if -- if is done

end tabkey -- handler
--a highly nontrivial
--plan or possible?

Mailing list warning

Be careful! There are some things you can do with 'do' but can't send with 'send'. Also, as I recall, not all you can 'call' can lend itself to 'send'. I've seen things that 'do' did but sent d'n't. Also, a sending pending is not the same as a do doing since a pending sending is not done as is a done 'do'. So, unless I need pending, I do do instead of sending a send.

-- Dar

Today’s Snapple bottle cap

#413: The T-rex's closest living relative is the chicken.


Code Bits

  • On-Rev CGI example: A rotating image display that uses very little code, thanks to iRev scripting. Gives you a look at my own garden flowers too.

  • CGIs in irev pages. Combine old-style Rev CGIs with on-rev scripts.


  • MadLibs Make a crazy story. You never know what you'll get. Madlibs is an experiment using posted data within an iRev script.

Jacque’s pen

The birds